Global Statistics
World clothing and textile industry market
2560 billion in 2010
186 billion by 2014
402 billion by 2014
612 billion by 2014
Organically grown cotton
5 billion in 2010
Statistics in China
Fiber processed
41.3 million tons in 2010
52-54% of world production
Wrong color dyed fabric waste
Millions of tons each year
Textile COD pollution
300,600 tons discharged
Contribute to 8.2% of COD pollution
5 billion in 2010
Wastewater in China
Textile Wastewater discharge
2.5 billion tons per year
Ranked 3rd in all industries
Enough to fill in
35 million swimming pools
People die due to water shortage
5 million per year
Statistics in China
Textile soot pollution created
3 billion tons each year
Violation of environmental regulation
6000 records of textile factories